Single & Multi-Color Printing Production Services:
  • Graphic Design and Layout
  • Typesetting
  • Single-Color (Tab Format) Web Printing
  • Complete Bindery Services
  • High Speed Photocopying
  • Direct Mail Services
  • Single, Multi and Full Color Process Printing 
  • Logo/Image Design and Development 
  • Typesetting & Composition 
  • Large Format Printing 
  • Single-Color (Tab Format) Web Printing 
  • Complete Bindery Services 
  • Direct Mail Services


Job Processing

Lincoln News Print Services offers complete design, typesetting and setup services for clients looking to have everything from simple business cards and brochures to more elaborate full-color sales catalogs, product packaging and corporate identity packages. Our design team has over 30 years experience in developing just the right look and feel for any business. 

We do accept camera ready and digital art supplied in hard copy, in Mac programming, or as a PDF file. Photo images for use are accepted in TIFF, JPEG and most other forms - the higher the resolution, the better. 

From the time that all graphics are in place, the normal turnaround time for jobs is 7-10 working days. Most jobs take just a few days but, there are those more involved jobs (entailing bindery, die-cutting, etc.) where timely deadlines are determined and agreed upon by both the client and our customer rep.