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January 14, 2021

Garage destroyed in Monday Kingman fire, house saved   

KINGMAN - A malfunctioning wood stove is being blamed for a fire that destroyed a combined garage and workshop Monday afternoon. Mattawameag Fire Chief Mike Coombs said that Thomas Cormier had left the 542 Kingman Road residence an hour previously to cut wood.


Howland Fire and Ambulance remain in operation after virus strikes

HOWLAND - Ambulance and fire services remain fully operational despite a major outbreak at the local station. Seven employees of the town's Fire and Ambulance Department have tested positive for COVID-19, including Chief Josh McNally. Town officials said Monday precautions have been put into place that will keep the public safe.

Enfield transfer station situation discussed at Monday meeting

ENFIELD – As attorneys continue to draft a question on the handling of commercial trash at the town’s transfer station, Town Manager Charles Frazier took time during Monday’s selectmen’s meeting to explain the town’s transfer station solid waste situation to a pair of residents. Doug Theriault and Ryan Reed attended Monday’s meeting, which featured an extensive question and answer session regarding the transfer station’s operation and the town’s relationship with Ireland’s Rubbish Service of Lincoln.

Repair, replacement of former Howland garage to be costly

HOWLAND – The town will be faced with a dilemma regarding the replacement or renovation of its public works garage, Town Manager David Lloyd noted recently. The garage was heavily damaged by an Oct. 30 fire,  according to a Nov. 5 Lincoln News story. Howland firefighters were alerted to the fire by an off-duty employee bringing dinner to another employee at the fire station, which is located next to the public works garage site.  Firefighters were able to respond quickly, but the fire damaged several pieces of equipment and tools that Howland must now work their way through as part of its insurance claim.

Area students returning to classroom after week of remote learning

Students in the Lincoln Lakes region are returning to various forms of in-person instruction this week after spending the first week of 2021 learning remotely from home. Announcements were made late last week by leaders in Regional School Unit 67, School Administrative District 30, SAD 31 and Lee Academy for a return to in-person learning starting on Monday. The local school districts opted for remote learning for the first week of January as a way to potentially slow the spread of Covid-19 following the holiday period.

Maskless man arrested after snow scuffle with police

LINCOLN - A local man attempted to avoid arrest Monday by first ignoring the commands of local police before attempting to cross traffic. Andrew Hoskins, 41, next tried to push past police and run when officers attempted to physically stop him. "I grabbed his arm and he slapped my arm away," said Sgt. John Walsh, Lincoln's interim Police Chief, describing how Hoskins swung his arm at the officer.

Town seeks ACO after discovering unexpectedly it does not have one

PASSADUMKEAG - Selectmen were surprised recently to learn the town does not have an animal control officer, prompting the town to now hire one. On Thursday, Jan. 7, Selectman Brent Faloon said two recent incidents requiring the officer revealed confusion over if the position was actually filled. "We were under the impression on the second episode that we had an animal control officer," he said during the regular board meeting. "But evidently there was some miscommunication."

Town agrees to honor Sibley with plaque in council chambers

LINCOLN - The contributions of late Councilor Sharon Sibley will be permanently honored in the council chambers. On Monday, the town's governing body agreed to place a plaque, similar to the one issued to her two sons, in the municipal building.

Enfield town manager to meet with state official on potential Stover’s Beach boat launch

ENFIELD – An upcoming  meeting with a Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife official could determine what direction the potential development of a new boat launch at Stover’s Beach could take, Town Manager Charles Frazier informed selectmen on Monday. Frazier told the board on Monday that he planned to meet with Diano Circo of the department at Stover’s Beach on Wednesday afternoon to talk about the project. Town officials have been working on developing a boat launch at Stover’s Beach for the past few months, aided by the gift of a former boat house and $50,000 to the town from Herb Sargent to facilitate the process.

Town officials urge ice safety following weekend incident

LINCOLN - Fire officials along with the municipal office are urging caution when venturing out on the ice after an incident Saturday. "I wouldn't (go onto the ice)," Lincoln Fire Captain Jon Spearin said Tuesday, advising residents should "keep ice conditions in mind."

Chester selectmen begin work on 2021-2022 budget

CHESTER  – The good news for Chester selectmen as they started work on a fiscal year 2022 budget is that $70,000 could be eliminated off the top after additional land at the former Twelve Oaks Fairgrounds was purchased for additional cemetery space. The bad news is that other budget lines will have to be increased to cover other costs, including surveying the newly-purchased cemetery land, selectmen noted during a Monday budget meeting at the Marianne Municipal Building.